April 2021 Newsletter

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Spring Equinox, Passover, and Easter came and went, and now daffodils are up and trees are flowering. The pandemic continues to take its toll, as do widespread falsehoods. Yet, more and more people are getting vaccinated (David and I have), and doing so as a statement of care not just for themselves, but for others. A better time appears to be on the horizon, in the world and for us. The new administration seems to be taking a quietly pragmatic approach to governing, and much seems under control and improving.

In David’s and my life, we have a lot to be thankful for. My daughter and her family may be moving closer to us, which would mean all our children and grandchildren would be nearby. What’s not to love about that!  My new website is now up, and I love it, still accessible at The book I finished and David edited during the pandemic was released on March 23rd, and briefly (for about two hours) in its Kindle version made Amazon’s best 100 books in the category Psychology of Personality. (I never knew before that I was supposed to notice and care about this, but the world has been quickly changing around me and I’m working to catch up.)

However grateful I may be for all that is well in our lives, we have several challenges as well. David and I are also saddened by how much suffering many are experiencing, including losses of loved ones, jobs, finances, and opportunities. We so hope that you are safe and well, and that you have made good use of whatever has been possible for you this past year. I also wish that great things beckon as you move into the spring and summer and, more generally, into a future ideal for you and for our world.

My New Book

What Stories Are You Living? Discover Your Archetypes – Transform Your Life, is a support to the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) assessment and provides everything you need to know to understand and make use of your PMAI results. My hope is that it can be used to help individuals become more successful and fulfilled and to introduce the larger population to the power of archetypal stories. We are living in a time when archetypes can evolve as we do; making what we think, say, and do conscious can jumpstart that process. With the book you get a free coupon to take the PMAI assessment. The cost of the book plus the instrument comes to less than the price of the instrument without the book. What a deal!

People like you are those who likely will spread this work, benefit from the book themselves, and utilize what they learn in helping and influencing others. To see how other readers are responding to the book, check out reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

My New Website

It’s at the same URL,, but has a very different look and feel. I’m no longer a consultant or in business. I’m now a semi-retired author, so it is an author site, where I can continue to post blogs that reveal my most contemporary thinking and where, over time, I can highlight what others (maybe like you) are doing with this work. The new site—the first major revision in about six years—still has pages on each of my books and instruments, as well as a calendar of events that features all of my upcoming workshops and lectures. In addition, it has extensive information on the 12-Archetype System and narrative intelligence (NQ), as well as copies of my quarterly newsletter. Please come visit and browse the site. Who knows what you might learn?

Social Media Detox

Family and extended family matters are requiring more of my time and CAPT, the PMAI publisher, is posting about the PMAI instrument, the 12 archetypes, and What Stories Are You Living? on various social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the homepage for links to all. Therefore, I’m taking an extended sabbatical from social media until I receive an inner calling saying that returning to be active on social media is now “mine to do.” I will continue to write blogs as I have the time, and notices of these will be posted and tweeted, as will notices about upcoming events. I also plan to continue to send out this quarterly newsletter. As time allows, I will be checking messages on social media weekly, but if you want to connect with me, best to do so by email:


New media are available on my website, including a video interview for the Myth Salon with Hugh Marr, Kesstan Blandin, and me about What Stories Are You Living? and the PMAI assessment; a Route #1 Corridor Conversations talk I recently gave about Understanding the Power of Stories in Our Lives; and two hours of interviews with me by Rob Kall for his radio series Bottom Up Show on YouTube. Click for both Part One and Part Two.

In the Blogosphere

I’ve begun a new blog series on the 12 archetypes in leadership. The first one is “Leadership Lessons for Effectively Speaking Up.” Why? Because if we all keep censoring what we wish will be true as we recover from this pandemic, the worst of the old normal will remain in force.

Another Important Book

Check out the groundbreaking 30th anniversary new and revised edition of Maureen Murdock’s classic book The Heroine’s Journey. It is a wonderful sister publication to Persephone Rising by a dear friend and colleague. In it, Maureen explains that when she initially wrote the book, the feminine was viewed as a deficit, inferior to the masculine. Since then, much has changed related to roles open to women. However, women have been encouraged to show how liberated they are by acting more like men. She writes: “Hate arises as women’s power emerges and there is no end to backlash against women who speak truth to power. Yet women today are acquiring the courage to express their vision, the strength to set limits, and the willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others in a new way. They are reminding humans of their origins, the necessity to live mindfully, and their obligation to preserve all life on earth.”

I welcome and encourage your comments on any of the blogs posted on my blogsite, several of which have inspired a rich exchange of ideas. Also, if you have an idea for a blog that you might like to submit, please send me an email with a brief summary and I will let you know whether it is suitable for my blogsite and, if so, what guidelines you should follow in preparing it.

In addition to my blogsite, you can find many of my blogs on those of Psychology Today and the Depth Psychology Alliance, and you are invited to make comments on the former and on the latter if you are a member. The easiest way to learn when a new blog goes up on my blogsite or any of the others on which I post is to follow me on Facebook at Carol S. Pearson, PhDand Twitter @carolspearson. Posts and tweets will inform you of the topic and how to access it. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram at carolspearsonphd. Just click on one of the buttons on the right to connect, and let me know what is going on with you.

As always, please feel free to forward this newsletter to others who might be interested.


Carol S. Pearson

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