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In Jungian psychology, Hermes (up top), is the archetype that mediates between the conscious and unconscious minds and is a key figure in healing (note his scepter) and in alchemical transformation. For the ancient Greeks, Hermes was the god of communication and the messenger of the gods to mortals. In our time, we can view him as sharing archetypal insights with us. Often shown with winged feet, he sped messages along, as modern technology does now. Happily, the authors of the blogs in this section can share wisdom about archetypes with you by writing on keyboards and then hitting send, while the ancient woman (above) must laboriously carve his wisdom in stone [CSP1] .

Want to engage with Carol and/or her colleagues in person or virtually? Here are some chances to do so.  Many of these include break-through thinking, chances to dialogue with the creators of these archetypal systems or their applications, life-changing experiences, and a chance for communicating with like-minded people.  
November 2023

Humanity Rising Event

Update your superpowers! I’ll be a guest panelist on the Humanity Rising: Discovering Your Superpowers zoom event.

November 2022
December 2023

Event Cancelled! Holmes, Jesus, and the Power of Stories We Believe and Live

Explore the life of Jesus viewed through the lenses of archetypes and offindings by contemporary theologians and historians.i

September 2024

Upcoming Events: Living Fully in Your 3rd 30+ Years!

Join me for a virtual exploration into living fully into our later 30 years from an archetypal perspective.

May 2022

Events: St Francis Retreat Center at Mepkin Abbey

I'm so pleased to be able to offer this intersection between my work with Narrative Intelligence and my spiritual training. This event will be ho

March 2022

Ongoing Events: Science of the Mind Myth, Mysticism, and Story

"Myth, Mysticism & Story" is a 3-week online program with Carol Pearson and Carol Burbank.

Events: Science of the Mind Magazine Group

Science of the Mind Magazine Group

September 2022

Events: Rise Like A Phoenix: Ignite Your Power, Purpose and Prosperity with Archetypes

I’m delighted to invite you to an amazing event created by my friend and colleague, Aurora Anurca Farber for the Equinox on September 22nd.

July 2021

Events: Corridor Conversations

Please join a group of my colleagues and friends from UMD via Zoom for a conversation about my new book!

March 2021

Events: Houston June Series:

I always enjoy returning to Houston to work with my colleagues at the Houston Jung Center. I’m grateful that digital teaching platforms...

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