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Welcome to my official website, created to help heroes and heroines like you use the power of story to transform your life and your world.

– Author Carol S. Pearson

Twenty-first century heroes and heroines transform their worlds by becoming their best and most authentic selves. In this process, they learn to solve persistent puzzles such as:

  • How can I both fulfill my potential and help others to do the same?
  • How can I influence the culture of an organization, a social group, or the larger society to help it thrive more fully?
  • How can I communicate in ways that draw to me what I need and want to support my endeavors and values?

Answering such questions requires a deeper dive than is usual into discovering the positive motivations within you and other individuals and groups.

This website is designed to help you develop the heroic tools of narrative and archetypal intelligence that allow you to recognize patterns invisible to most people—that is, the stories you and others are living unconsciously, which determine what people want and how they assume they can get it.  Making these stories conscious clears a path for you to pursue your heroic journey while also having the flexibility to inspire and influence others—even those living stories quite different from yours.

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June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend: The Summer Solstice has just passed, signaling the official beginning of summer. And for many of us long past school age, this time triggers a nostalgia for the freedom to roam and play, a freedom much curtailed in today’s world. But then some kids now go to all those cool camps!  In truth, I’m […]

June 14, 2019 Sells Blog: Sansa and the Strength of Endurance

*Contains Spoilers*   [Persephone] was filled with a sense of wonder, and she reached out with both hands             to take hold of the pretty plaything. And the earth, full of roads leading every which way, opened up under her.             It happened on the Plain of Nysa. There it was that the Lord who receives many […]

May 27, 2019 Sells Blog: Arya Stark: Transforming an Image of Abduction

 He seized her against her will, put her on his golden chariot, And drove away as she wept.   By Angela Sells *Contains Spoilers* (Author’s Note: While the figure of Thanatos in Greek mythology more closely represents an actual “Lord of Death,” Hades has passed into modern parlance and become synonymous with both the realm of […]

April 29, 2019 Selig Blog: The Creator Meets the Critic at the Nursery

By Jennifer Leigh Selig My newest book has been birthed—she’s just a few days old now. To say it was a labor of love is trite, but no less true. Deep Creativity: Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit took three years to conceive, grow, and release, and my co-creators Deborah Anne Quibell and Dennis Patrick […]

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Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D.

Author & Thought Leader on Archetypal Narrative Intelligence & Transformational Leadership

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