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In Jungian psychology, Hermes, is the archetype that mediates between the conscious and unconscious minds and is a key figure in healing (note his scepter) and in alchemical transformation. For the ancient Greeks, Hermes was the god of communication and the messenger of the gods to mortals. In our time, we can view him as sharing archetypal insights with us. Often shown with winged feet, he sped messages along, as modern technology does now. Happily, the authors of the blogs in this section can share wisdom about archetypes with you by writing on keyboards and then hitting send.

Read timely blogs that apply archetypal narrative intelligence (NQ) to promoting self-awareness, personal success and fulfillment, organizational and civic life, leadership, culture, myth, and spiritual maturity. This section also includes audio-visual resources.
June 2021

Big Universe Podcast

I had a lovely time being interviewed by Jim Lefter from about the power of stories in “new thought” spiritual movements. The episode is airing this week.

May 2021

Why Movies Matter with Dave Watson

I love movies and believe they have a very important role in our individual and collective lives.

10 mins
14 2021

April 2021 Newsletter

The Spring Equinox, Passover, and Easter came and went, and now daffodils are up and trees are flowering. The pandemic continues to take its toll, as do widespread falsehoods. Yet, more and more people are getting vaccinated

10 min
April 2021

Corridor Conversations

I was thrilled to join some of my former neighbors from my neighborhoods adjacent to UMD. to share information about my new book.

Video Recording
April 2021

Bottom Up Show

Recently, I joined Rob Kall on his podcast "The Bottom Up Show".

Video Recording
March 2021

Leadership Lessons for Effectively Speaking Up

Leadership can be more than a role. At best, it is a calling to care about the world and those around us. 

Blog Post
5 minutes
October 2020

A Conspiracy Theory Vaccine? Making Sense of a Chaotic World

I’m intrigued by how many conspiracy theories are gaining traction today, and wondering how so many fellow citizens of my country can believe them...

Blog Post
4 Minute Read
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