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In Jungian psychology, Hermes (up top), is the archetype that mediates between the conscious and unconscious minds and is a key figure in healing (note his scepter) and in alchemical transformation. For the ancient Greeks, Hermes was the god of communication and the messenger of the gods to mortals. In our time, we can view him as sharing archetypal insights with us. Often shown with winged feet, he sped messages along, as modern technology does now. Happily, the authors of the blogs in this section can share wisdom about archetypes with you by writing on keyboards and then hitting send, while the ancient woman (above) must laboriously carve his wisdom in stone [CSP1] .

Check out audio-visual and print media highlighting Carol S. Pearson and her colleagues in interviews, podcasts, webinars, and the like. to gain knowledge about the archetypal dimension of human life. Learn about archetypal stories that can motivate and energize your heroic journey, the Pearson 12-Archetype System, the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment, and other offerings to you from Carol S. Pearson and her colleagues. These can enrich your life, support your endeavors, and increase your narrative intelligence (NQ).
June 2023

June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

November 2022

Just Creative Podcast

What is your brand? And how do you manage that meaning?

September 2022

Just Creative Podcast

What stories are you living? What about your brand? How do you manage that meaning?

March 2022

March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

December 2021

December 2021 Newsletter

I know I’m not alone in feeling frustrated that the pandemic persists, fretting about what I can do about the divide in our society...

October 2021

Rise Like A Phoenix Event Video

I so enjoyed her interview with me. The video, attached here, was included in her conference, “Rise Like a Phoenix: Ignite Your Power, Purpose, and Pr

August 2021

Corey Boutwell Podcast

Corey Boutwell, an Australian fitness and entrepreneurial coach, who does work with archetypes that have been stressed in the men's movement, treated me to a very engaged interview.

5 Min
June 2021

Big Universe Podcast

I had a lovely time being interviewed by Jim Lefter from about the power of stories in “new thought” spiritual movements. The episode is airing this week.

May 2021

Why Movies Matter with Dave Watson

I love movies and believe they have a very important role in our individual and collective lives.

10 mins
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