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Connect with Carol, David, Dori, or Pete, all of whom have expertise concerning archetypes, Jungian psychology, and their applications to modern life and work. Carol, David, and Dori are core staff who meet regularly about social media, blogs, and website issues.  Pete is our web designer and uses archetypal work in his companies branding process.  You can ask a question, make a suggestion, offer an invitation, raise an issue, donate, or volunteer.  The contact form goes to both Carol and Dori.  You can also utilize the information provided in biographies to contact any member of this team directly.
Carol S. Pearson
Author and Thought Leader on Archetypal Narrative Intelligence (NQ)
Carol's Bio
My field is applied archetypal psychology, and my background is as an academic—a professor and administrator/executive. I’m responsible for this website’s quality and content, as it is my author website, and I write most of its copy.
David Merkowitz
Business Manager
David's Bio
I have been a newspaper reporter and editor, a college professor, a senior staff member in the U.S. Congress and at a leading education association, a public affairs and political consultant, and a competitive athlete (among other things). I support Carol by editing her written works and her quarterly newsletter.
Dori Koehler
Myth and Pop Culture Analyst
Virtual Consultant
Dori's Bio
I am a scholar, a teacher, a writer, and a culture doctor in the field of myth analysis and archetypal theory. My connection to the Lover archetype helps me keep my finger on the mythic movements in culture. I provide support for Carol by helping her continue these discussions in the viritual world.
Pete Beebe
Brand/Creative Development & Website Design
Pete's Bio
I’m a Creator at heart and responsible for the ongoing design of Carol’s website. Carol’s archetypal work is central to the brand identification process that we developed for our firm, FORGE Branding. The archetypal brand identification helps our clients understand their core value proposition and differentiators by discovering who they are within the context of what they do.

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