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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Recently, I joined Rob Kall on his podcast The Bottom Up Show. I’ve been interviewed many times, but the special ones happen with a wise person doing the interview who has read the book in question very carefully, has related expertise, and is an experienced interviewer.  It was a great treat to be interviewed by Rob Kall who was all that and more, including being very enthusiastic about my work—in this case What Stories Are You Living? and the PMAI.  I hope to keep up with him, as I’m now reading his book—The Bottom-up Revolution. We had such a rich conversation we continued into a second hour of discussion. Enjoy!

Click for Part 1

Click for Part 2

Rob Kall is he host of the Bottom-up Radio Show, on Pacifica Radio Network, author of the book, Bottom-up Revolurtion; Mastering the world of connectivity and publisher of the progressive news and opinion site,

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