Carol Pearson, Author, Academic, Archetypal Scholar


In many indigenous traditions, a person seeking answers to questions would approach a medicine manor woman sitting by the fire and ask what they should do to resolve their dilemma. He or she classically would respond to this request by saying, “Let me tell you a story.” Moms, dads, mentors, and friends can do this, too…. In new situations, often what is needed is a new story that can help supply a map for the new journey and a toehold when that journey feels like climbing up a steep and dangerous mountain.
  — Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

The IBM® Kenexa® Cultural Insight Survey (IBM-KCIS), first published as the Organizational and Team Culture Indicator™ (OTCI™) (Gainesville, FL: Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT), 2003; Kenexa, 2008). This instrument, which recently has been translated into a number of languages, compares an organization’s stated values vs. actual strengths and provides valuable insight into its dominant archetypes, its likely blind spots, and its attention to four critical organizational tasks: collective learning, stabilizing, cooperating, and getting results.

At present, the IBM-KCI is utilized by IBM as a part of very large organizational interventions, generally in global companies.

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