Carol Pearson, Author, Academic, Archetypal Scholar


In many indigenous traditions, a person seeking answers to questions would approach a medicine manor woman sitting by the fire and ask what they should do to resolve their dilemma. He or she classically would respond to this request by saying, “Let me tell you a story.” Moms, dads, mentors, and friends can do this, too…. In new situations, often what is needed is a new story that can help supply a map for the new journey and a toehold when that journey feels like climbing up a steep and dangerous mountain.
  — Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

The PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® ) is the world's first scientifically validated archetype assessment tool, and it opens a window into the patterns of our unconscious stories and provides a path to self-understanding. Once we are aware of the archetypes that are active in our lives, we can decide how and when to use them, and which ones may need nurturing or further development.

Using the PMAI instrument with clients is now made easier with the introduction of the new PMAI Facilitator Interface. This new tool allows facilitators to manage the PMAI experience for their clients, and for that reason use of the assessment through the Interface requires approval.

Who can use the PMAI Assessment?

Educators, counselors, consultants, coaches, therapists, clergy, marketers, and administrators who want to integrate the use of archetypes into their practice can use the PMAI instrument to help their clients gain greater awareness of themselves and the archetypal stories that permeate our culture.