Becoming a Heroic, Transformational Leader: Leadership from the Inside Out

Transformational leaders work from the inside out and the outside in, recognizing that outer transformation requires inner transformation, and outer change also requires inner change. To be a heroic leader, any of us must be or become a heroic person. This requires that we develop the capacities that help us to be fulfilled and successful as we become our own best selves.

The heroic allies described in The 12 Archetype System can help you expand your abilities so that you achieve your potential, so begin there, reading about these archetypes and taking the Pearson Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI ®) . As you live their stories, you develop their abilities and virtues. Through working with your PMAI® results, you can become conscious of which archetypes you have developed, which you are working on, and which are dormant for now. Your most active archetypes motivate your leadership strengths, others you have developed provide you with a range of abilities, and your dormant ones—well, that is where you can best partner or delegate, since you are unlikely to have energy for those tasks or be good at them.

Heroic leaders develop people: they help stakeholders to know themselves and their gifts and interests; they understand and contribute to their organization’s culture; they bring their authentic gifts and talents to the work; they live and tell empowering stories; and they collaborate well with others. And, of course, heroic leaders succeed in doing this to the extent that they model the attitudes and behaviors they promote in others
Check out Books in the Publications section for works that can help you develop your heroic potential, including The Transforming Leader, The Hero Within, Awakening the Heroes Within, and
Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within