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Full SquareI’ve long been fascinated by shapes that recur around the world, in multiple traditions, that seem to have a similar meaning. The archetypal shape of the mandala, which appears in many spiritual traditions, as well as in meditative coloring books for adults today, invokes the experience of inner authentic wholeness. The logo for this website is based on a mandala, representing the various archetypal faces within each of us, as we express our uniqueness with great flexibility and appropriateness to the situations we find ourselves in. It also is suggestive of a flower, and hence the process of our blooming into our own fullness or, like the lotus flower in Buddhism, into greater enlightenment.

Native American Medicine Wheel at the Mesa Creative Arts Center (
Native American Medicine Wheel at the Mesa Creative Arts Center (

The rituals of most indigenous peoples begin by creating a circle with four directions and a defined center, as in the illustration below. The center symbolizes humankind’s vertical connection with the earth below and the sky above. The surrounding directions (north, south, east, and west) are reminders of our relationships with others, with natural elements (such as air, water, fire, and earth), and more generally with the world around us. Shamans and magicians, acting as agents of transformation and healing, cast similar magic circles. The magic here comes from being so connected with the world that inner transformation results in outer transformation.

Today, being centered in a core identity and achieving inner balance can help any of us feel a radical sense of belonging that allows us to deal more easily with the outside world, so that we can contribute and receive in an ongoing process. This section delineates practices and resources for creating and then experiencing your own inner and outer magic circles. It includes:

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