The Heroic Life: Enlisting Your Allies

You are a hero—or could be.

Times of rapid change require a heroic spirit. They challenge us to face the unknown as we work to retain what has been best about the past and to contribute to building a better future—for ourselves, those we love, and the wider world. The heroic journey today is about finding effective ways to manage the challenges of whatever is happening in any given situation—from going to war, to starting a business, to raising a child, to losing a loved one—or even to deal with today’s multiple roles and time challenges, a miscommunication with a friend, or having a sudden creative idea you don’t know how to follow up on.

You have archetypal allies that can help you live the story that is needed for you to discover your true identity, calling, and purpose. They also can be of assistance as you navigate the day-to-day of what you are facing in your actual situation at any given time. Narrative intelligence helps you to identify what story you need to live where, which saves you from a lot of guesswork. It also enables you to find out more about who you are, as you also learn to recognize what stories are dominant in the minds of people around you and in the family, friendship group, organizations, and society in which you live.

Archetypes are invisible to most people. All of us are used to the physical objects that augment our power to see. I remember, at thirteen, putting on my first pair of eyeglasses and looking across the street; for the first time, I could make out the individual bricks on the side of a building. Then there were the initial occasions when I looked in a microscope and through a telescope; how wonderful it was to observe whole new worlds. The various, books, systems, and other resources on this website are like visual enhancement devices that help you perceive what most people miss, because their eyes are not equipped to see what is right in front of them or to peer into other dimensions without assistance. We also can imagine these devices as equivalent to gear you would take on a heroic journey—the compass and map that help you know what path to take to get to where you want to go.

I know that for me, this combination of tools allowed me to decode many of the mysteries about myself and my world that previously had stumped me, and that is why I want to share them with you. I also can imagine them as a kind of crystal ball, or like one of those sophisticated computer programs that can extrapolate future trends from current data. As we develop archetypal narrative intelligence, it can help us discern positive potentials not yet visible to most people. We then can midwife the birthing of a brighter future and use the power of archetypal images, characters, patterns, and stories to expand not just our own capacities, but also those of the people and social systems around us. But to do this, we need to begin by applying archetypal knowledge to better understand ourselves.

The Heroic Life section offers guidance on the fundamentals of individual development for yourself and others that is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It includes

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ancient Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone—to forge
lives of greater happiness and fulfillment.

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