Upcoming Event at the Seattle Jung Society

Dr. Carol S. Pearson will deliver a lecture and conduct a full-day workshop for the Seattle Jung Society on December 12-13, 2014. Both will take place at Good Shepherd Center, Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103.

The Friday evening lecture will focus on applications of the ideas explored in Dr. Pearson’s latest book, The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century. She will employ an archetypal approach to the conversation about emerging forms of leadership, showing how cultivating consciousness about the psychological life of organizations is an essential skill for leaders, both for the sake of the organizations they serve and for their own personal growth.

The Saturday workshop will delve more deeply into these concepts, focusing on the ways each individual is in dynamic interrelationship with organizations and with other influences that surround their association with them. Participants will explore practical applications of archetypal psychology, gaining insights into the interaction of archetypes where they work or volunteer, and in their personal stories. By enhancing their understanding of these archetypes, the participants will deepen their relationship with psyche, furthering the goal of greater joy and ease in their work.

For additional information on the lecture and workshop, including times, and to register online, go to www.jungseattle.org/f14/f14pearson.html.