New Podcast: “Uncommon Sense for Leaders”

Dr. Carol S. Pearson recently joined Catherine Carlisi for a podcast on her All Business Radio Network show “Uncommon Sense for Leaders.” The podcast discusses Dr. Pearson’s recent book, “The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century.”
Catherine Carlisi’s show explores all kinds of topics related to the ongoing evolution of the leader. In this new podcast, Dr. Pearson and Carlisi discuss the many challenges facing organizations in the contemporary business climate, including creating a collaborative team, how to identify and navigate archetypal experiences in the workplace, the voice of millennials in the workplace, and the importance of finding a balance between life and work. Dr. Pearson shares her unique outlook, combining archetypal theory with a deep understanding of organizational culture.
Visit the link below for more on Catherine Carlisi’s show. To receive a free download of the podcast, scroll to the Recent Shows box and click the podcast listed as “11-05-2014 Transforming Leaders.”