Carol Pearson to Lead Workshop at ILA Conference

Dr. Carol S. Pearson will lead a workshop on “Archetypal Journeys of Successful Leaders” at the 13th annual global conference of the International Leadership Association, in London on Thursday, October 27, 2011. The workshop will describe requisite archetypal patterns of leadership, provide exercises for participants to explore their own leadership journeys and those of teams of which they are a part, and offer opportunities for peer sharing and dialogue. It will conclude with a dialogue process designed to foster individual and group learning about the needs of our time, the archetypal energies active in the group, and the unique way that each participant can be a force for good in today’s world. Other workshop panelists include author and poet Barbara Mossberg of California State University Monterey Bay and leadership expert Karin Jironet of De Baak Management Centre in the Netherlands.

Dr. Judy Sorum Brown also will lead a workshop, entitled “One Planet, Many Worlds: The Power of Leadership Artistry,” at the conference. One of a series of interactive dialogues, it will explore leadership experiences and questions that touch the world of artistry and, through the creative process, bridge many cultures and countless perspectives. Dr. Brown’s workshop will explore the role of imagery in the work of leadership. It also will be held on October 27th.  Other panelists include Michael Jones of Pianoscapes and Deborah Higgins of the Fetzer Institute. The conference, whose theme is One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership, will be held from Wednesday, October 26, through Saturday, October 29.  For further information, visit the ILA website,