Assisi Institute Teleseminar 6-16-15

“We are all the product of our times.” C.G. Jung

Dr. Carol S. Pearson recently took part in a teleseminar at the Assisi Institute called Understanding Archetypal Patterns in Times of Conflict and Crisis that examined the increasing violence endemic to contemporary culture.

In particular, the teleseminar considered the cognitive dissonance that develops when trust breaks down between public servants sworn to uphold the law and the citizens they are meant to protect. It examined different facets of the timely question: How are we to understand the times in which we live? In this contemporary moment, it is incumbent upon thinkers, visionaries, educators, and leaders to consider this question from varying perspectives and to hold the tension between differences of opinion and social paradox.

Other presenters in the teleseminar included Dr. Michael Conforti, the director of the Assisi Institute, and Dr. Hank Brightman, director of applied research and analysis at the United States Naval War College.
The teleseminar is available for listening at:
Dr. Pearson will offer a follow-up teleseminar titled Staying Sane in a Crazy Time: An Archetypal Narrative Intelligence Toolbox on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, from 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern time.