Organizational, Product, and Service Branding

Great stories—and great brands—have several common denominators. They evoke specific strengths and values that others relate to and understand. They also capture a deeply meaningful aspect of the human experience that creates engagement and involvement.

Organizations that know what story they’re moved to tell in the world have a powerful framework for shaping an identity that draws others to them in an authentic and lasting way. Consciously or subconsciously, we all see the Hero storyline in Nike’s brand—a brand that’s all about rising to challenges and having the courage to “just do it.” Likewise, we’re empowered by the Hero characteristics we recognize in individuals like Michael Jordan who never stop pushing themselves to new heights.

Every organization and individual has a similarly powerful story to tell. The archetypal approach to branding helps organizations to identify the story that most authentically and meaningfully represents them or their products, and to shape communications built on an inspiring narrative promising a positive and distinctive “happy ending.” It helps professionals to define the source of their deepest motivation and the leadership style and messaging that will bring it to life in the form of a personal brand.