Services and Network: Available Professional Assistance

Currently, I’m speaking primarily on my two most recent books and their application to specific contemporary issues: Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within and The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century.

You can contact me to retain my services as a:

Speaker on subjects related to my publications
Workshop leader on applications of my theories and models
Thinking partner to leaders and leadership teams

Keep checking this website for updates on new publications, teleseminars, podcasts, and events.

Network Colleagues

Patricia Adson, Ph.D., P.P.C.

Patricia Adson, Ph.D., P.P.C. is a Hudson Institute Master Coach who has collaborated and studied with Dr. Pearson for more than 20 years. Her mission is to apply Dr. Pearson’s 12-archetype hero’s journey model to the practices of psychotherapy and coaching. To this end, she has written two books: Finding Your Own True North & Helping Others Find Direction in Life (psychotherapy) and Depth Coaching: Discovering Archetypes for Empowerment, Growth, and Balance (personal and professional coaching). At present, Dr. Adson coaches executives and professionals to help them take their adult hero’s journey, achieve their goals, balance their lives, and find meaning and fulfillment. Contact Dr. Adson at

Peter Beebe

Pete, who led the physical creation of this website and its visual creative side, is a principal in FORGE Branding. FORGE brands are built through alignment of your words and your actions with a meaningful brand story that supports the values that you and your audiences believe in. That gives your brand the strength and character to stand up—and stand out—in today’s transparent world. While most brand models yield qualities, activities, and attributes to define the brand, FORGE deploys the Pearson/Mark Archetypal Brand Model to reveal the core purpose, personality, and values that define its clients’ key differentiators and the powerful story that highlights the value of their relationships with their customers or constituents. Contact FORGE through its website:

Anthony Coe

Since 2006, Anthony Coe has directed the research and consulting efforts of the Kenexa Employment Branding Group (Kenexa was acquired by IBM in 2013). During this time, he helped clients around the globe use Dr. Pearson’s archetypal model to understand and manage their organizational culture, develop authentic employment brands, and drive employee engagement. Among the many clients he has worked with are Aetna Insurance, Cabela’s, Pep Boys, Eli Lilly, and Goodrich Aerospace. Kenexa acquired the archetype-based Organizational and Team Culture Indicator in 2008 (now called the IBM® Kenexa® Organizational Cultural Insight Survey) developed by Dr. Pearson and continues to use the instrument and archetypal analysis in all its culture measurement and analysis work. Further inquiries can be made through the IBM Kenexa Employment Branding site (, or contact Anthony directly at

Margaret Mark

Margaret Mark leads a unique brand development firm specializing in integrating best practices from the marketing world with insights from the humanities and social sciences in order to build powerhouse iconic brands. Founded in 1994, Margaret Mark Strategic Insight has produced transformative results for Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations such as American Express, Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Heineken, GlaxoSmithKline, Levi-Strauss, Polo Ralph Lauren, and SAB Miller. Her work has resulted in transcendent global positionings as well as compelling regional identities for indigenous corporations throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Margaret also is founder and director of Archai: First Principles in Branding (, a practice focused specifically on leveraging the power of timeless and universal truths about human nature to activate and build powerful archetypal meaning in organizational cultures and communication. The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands through the Power of Archetypes, which she co-authored with Dr. Pearson, is considered a landmark work in the field of brand development. In a previous life, Margaret was Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Consumer Insight at Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest advertising and communication companies.

Hugh Marr, Ph.D.

Hugh Marr, Ph.D. is both a clinical psychologist and a licensed professional counselor in private practice at the Franklin Psychotherapy Center in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Although he specializes in helping people with issues of trauma, substance use, and relationships, his clients bring a wide range of concerns, from personal growth to serious mental illness. He helps people understand and change their life stories. Hugh co-authored the book What Story Are You Living? with Dr. Pearson and developed the PMAI with her. In addition to his private practice, Hugh teaches archetypal theory as well as courses in trauma therapy, family therapy, and substance abuse counseling to graduate students in psychology and counseling. He also provides consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, and he consults to healthcare facilities. You may contact him at