PMAI Re-Release

May 6, 2020

Dear Friends:

Great news! A new and improved version of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) is now available. The instrument also comes with its own website,

To introduce the new PMAI®, I’ll be offering two free webinars, next Wednesday, May 13th, and Wednesday, May 20th, on how to identify the archetypes in your life and the culture and on the meaning of our archetype profiles and how to work with them in this time of crisis. More detailed information on the webinars is provided at the end of this letter.

The new PMAI® is the product of several years of research, working with data from user results since 2003, and extensive psychometric testing to ensure the validity of the scores. Three of the archetype names were adjusted to make all of them equally positive.

As part of the relaunch of the PMAI®, the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) created the StoryWell website as the new destination for purchasing the latest version of the instrument, for taking it, and for receiving one of two reports—the Core Report, which provides the basics appropriate for someone new to this work, and the Expanded Report, which is designed for people who are ready for a deeper dive into archetypes and self-awareness. The Expanded Report also is ideal for professionals who want to do in-depth work with clients rather than just introducing them to these archetypes.

My author website,, will continue to provide information about the whole of my work, including the PMAI®, and will provide links to relevant pages on StoryWell.

StoryWell is beautifully designed, with great illustrations and a contemporary, user-friendly structure. It can be an important resource, where you will be able to:

  • purchase and take the PMAI®, which will now be offered online only;
  • quickly receive results as a Core or Expanded Report;
  • have your own personal StoryWell site to retain your results;
  • compare results over time as you retake the PMAI® in times of transition;
  • purchase books, materials, trainings, and so on to further your learning curve;
  • get additional free stuff, in the form of articles, blogs, and information about other users;
  • for professional use, be able to order multiple administrations and, with user permission, access your clients’ results; and
  • overall, gain visibility and a sense of community as you get involved with other PMAI® users and experts.

Happening in the middle of a pandemic, with its enforced isolation and social distancing, this relaunch comes at an opportune moment. Not only can the PMAI® allow people to use this disorienting time to increase their self-knowledge, it also can help them discover how they can be part of returning to a better and revised normal than what we have been experiencing and recognize the movement of the deeper aspects of the archetypes within them that may be disquieting. By recognizing the call within these feelings, we can evolve an expression of an archetype in us or even find a repressed archetypal treasure we saw in others but did not know it as in ourselves. Doing this can enable us to be a force for the greater good and for our own.

If you’ve taken the PMAI® before, now is a good time to try the revised version of the instrument and check in on what archetypes are active in your life and which ones you can count on as allies going forward. And if you’ve never taken the PMAI®—well, what a great opportunity in this disorienting time to check out an instrument that so many others have used to achieve enhanced self-awareness and greater success and satisfaction in their lives.

In next Wednesday’s hour-long webinar, which will begin at 2 pm Eastern time, I will discuss the 12 archetypes of the revised PMAI® and how to identify them in your life and in cultural stories. There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact with me, and everyone who attends will receive a discount on the new PMAI® Core Report.

In the May 20th webinar, which also will begin at 2 pm Eastern time, we will explore the meaning of our personal archetype profiles and how to work with them through these disrupted times. I will talk about the distinctions between high, mid-range, and low scoring archetypes and explore techniques for working with archetypes for awareness, growth, and authenticity. This webinar will focus on the PMAI® reports. While purchasing a report is not necessary, having yours will allow you to explore your report with my guidance.

You can register for the webinars here. You will receive information on joining each webinar after you register.